Pet Love Never Dies - a Pet loss Community #PetLoveNeverDies

Join Brent Atwater's Pet Love Never Dies Group to positively transform your grief & life!

Pet Love Never Dies- a Pet Loss Community
Do you want to stop grieving and start interacting with your Pet's Spirit every day?
Do you know you came on Earth to help do something with your abilities and Gifts?
Are you ready to ACTIVATE & AMPLIFY & ACCELERATE your Abilities and Gifts, 
TRUST in yourself and BE all you are, can be and more?

If that resonates,  it's NO coincidence that you were led here!

          This video is how we started!

When You Join Today you'll get access to:
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This Community platform will give you the opportunity to experience intimate and personal giveaway readings with Brent and Friend.
* Once a month online audience / group readings:  
Brent will connect with members Live. You might be on the “Virtual” stage to experience a mini reading.

*Once a month Live "Quickie Questions"- Ask Brent. The discussion topics will be selected by members. Sometimes we have special quickie readings and drop in guests.

Once a month Live Member Spotlight story.

*Learn how to access, direct and use energy via Animal communication training and courses that will connect you with Pets in the Afterlife & Spirits on the Other Side.

*You can also activate, accelerate and refine your Psychic abilities and Gift skills during intensive study, practice groups and workshops. On occasion, Brent and Friend will mentor you.

More mind expanding subjects:
Connection with human Loved Ones
Medical Intuition for Pets and People
Energy Healing for Animals and People

Activate, accelerate, and refine your Psychic Abilities & Gifts
How to set up a Professional Business
How to make Podcasts, Videos and more.....
Energy art and Spiritual paintings how to paint a Spirit's portrait, create Energy art and
 Paintings that Heal®

Pop Up Live Events that are just plain fun and a giggle like our "members night out" parties!
  • IF you miss anything, there's a Library of resources that you can access at any time it's convenient for you!  The perfect solution for international members and those in different time zones!

For almost 30 years as an Animal Communicator, psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer, Brent Atwater and her Soul dog Friend have been inspiring, helping and healing individuals.
"NOW, it's time for Friend and I to teach you all that we know, 

to empower YOUR Spiritual Path!"  

Brent and Friend designed our Pet Love Never Dies after Pet Loss community to connect with and help heal as many hearts as possible. How? By teaching members to communicate and connect with their beloved Spirits which will validate the existence of a Soul pet's or Person's afterlife.
The knowledge and results you gain from our community will verify that you have an eternal connection to Loved Ones on the Other Side.

Ask yourself, 
what can I learn from the activities?
How will the courses I take, 
the connections I make and 
the results I experience, 
transform my life?

Our community exists so you can have powerful, positive, life changing results!

You won't be alone in your journey. You'll be surrounded by people on the same path, who also want to learn about and explore lots of Spiritual and Energy work topics!
You can form life long friendships and professional connections, plus meet lots of interesting individuals and amazing pets!
Pet Love Never Dies members "got your back!" We've "been there," survived pet death and are now interreacting with our Soul pet's eternal connection.
Plus you can get better at and increase your abilities and Gifts
while learning new skills.
The knowledge and results you experience will transform your life!

 "Friend and I look forward to getting to know you!"